Solid–State Drives

Your website will be significantly faster with solid–state disks

All new desktop PCs and laptop computers boast solid–state drives and this is so for a reason. Solid–state disks boast much faster read & write speeds, making everything visibly faster. Exactly the same will be valid for your site in case you host it with Geneva Web Hosting Services – all the shared hosting machines have solid–state drives and the websites hosted with us work considerably faster compared to those hosted on normal hard disks.

And the best of all is that you do not have to change, fine–tune or modify anything in any way to make it run faster.

Data Backups

Ever lost your website content? Take advantage of our data backup solution

When posted on the net, your site content is generally a potential subject to hacker attacks. Alternatively, it could be affected even by your very own unintended actions. With us, there’s nothing to worry about, given that we maintain a backup copy of your web site content, which will be retrieved anytime. Moreover, you’ll be able to create manual backups of your whole site with a single mouse click through your File Manager, which is located in the Control Panel. The system will successfully restore all of your website files and will copy them into an archive, which will be saved in your hosting account.

VPN Access

Secure, private web surfing

If, for any reason, you wish to conceal your electronic footmark, we have the right solution for you. With each of our shared hosting packages, you will be able to gain VPN access and have your entire inbound and outbound web site traffic re–sent through one of our Virtual Private Network data centers. And you will be able to use the very same VPN settings on virtually any gadget that’s connected to the World Wide Web – your desktop computer, your notebook, your cell phone, etc..

File Manager

A drag–and–drop GUI

To use the File Manager available in the Control Panel is identical to working with your own PC file system. You can upload a file or folder to our server or conversely with a simple drag–and–drop manoeuvre. Plus, you may create, copy, delete, move and rename files and folders with one click of the mouse. The source code editor and the WYSIWYG editor will let you modify your files from within the Control Panel. If you require assistance, you can check out the integrated educational video tutorials.

99.9% Server Uptime Guarantee

A 99.9% uptime for your sites

We have created our very own custom shared hosting platform where the server load is reduced and a 99.9 percent network uptime is guaranteed. Our server admins monitor the web hosting servers all the time and also carry out day–to–day maintenance procedures. All hosting packages come with a ninety–nine point nine percent server uptime guarantee no matter if you have decided to host your websites in the USA, in Europe or in Australia.

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